• Transnasional Sdn Bhd (from Kuala Lumpur)
  • Syarikat Kulim Baling (from Kedah)
  • Perak Roadways (from Lenggong, Betong or Ipoh)
  • Syarikat Red & Yellow (from Lenggong or Kuala Kangsar)
  • SKMK (from Kelantan districts)

List of bus fare to any destination from Gerik Bus Stop

All public vehicles will pick up and drop passengers at the Gerik Bus Terminal situated in the middle of Gerik town.

By taking a taxi from anywhere around the Peninsular Malaysia.


If you choose to travel by train from any destination in Peninsula Malaysia, the nearest station is Kuala Kangsar train station. From Kuala Kangsar, you can take a taxi or Syarikat Red & Yellow bus from Kuala Kangsar passing through Lenggong town.