Rafflesia Park is located at Bongor Village in Bersia, Gerik. The journey takes 25 minutes to arrive to Bongor Village. From the village to the foothill takes 30 minutes by a dirt road. From the foothill to the rafflesia area takes another one and a half hour by foot.

A variety of rafflesias are found here. Amongst them are refflesia azlanii and refflesia Cantleyi. This area covers 5 hectares and the rafflesias could be used in medication. Refflesia azlanii was named in honour of Sultan Perak Sultan Azlan Shah. This area is managed by En Ishak Yahya from Bongor Village, and he can be contacted at his number: 019-4285573. Tourists are only allowed to enjoy the magical environment with him as an escort and only in small numbers. This park is being researched by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia students headed by Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin Mat Salleh. There are also various trees which are rarely found elsewhere. The sources from this forest are very useful in medicinal industry.