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  • Rental

    The public can apply to rent Gerik District Council’s stalls or shops. The application process will begin when a new building is built or stalls are vacated. The council will advertise the new or vacant building, and distribute the rental application forms. The public can obtain the forms from the Rental Unit Counter, Gerik District Council. Applicant must submit completed form to the Rental Unit before the stipulated date. The Rental Unit will process all the forms and the applicants will be called in for an interview. The interview panel will select suitable applicant for the rental premise. After the selection process, the approval letter will be issued and successful applicants must make rental payment including a 3-month rental deposit. The rental rate is determined by the Gerik District Council Full Meeting, comprising of the Council President, Secretary, Council members and Gerik District Council’s staff. Tenant must then pay the rental to the Gerik District Council Rental Unit every month.




  • One Stop Center (OSC)
    1. Implementation of One Stop Centre for Gerik District Council Development Proposal




      WHAT are the Functions of the One Stop Centre Committee

      The One Stop Centre Committee Meeting will be held twice a month. The functions of this Committee are:

      • To evaluate and decide on applications relating to land, planning permission, building plan, earthworks plan, street and drainage plan, naming of garden and street plan, and related plans.
      • To certify and inform the decisions of meetings

      To expedite the process, all development planning proposal applications submitted to the One Stop Centre Secretariat must be fully completed together with required documents, according to the check list provided. The application check list can be obtained from the OSC counter or from the website:


      BACKGROUND Implementation of the One Stop Centre (OSC)

      Inline with the government's initiative to improve the public service communication system, the government has agreed to set up a one stop centre at each Local Government to coordinate applications relating to land, planning permission and other related plans. Launching of the National level of One Stop Centre was performed by the YAB Prime Minister on 13 April 2007. Following that, Gerik District Council One Stop Centre Counter was officially opened on 14 April 2007.
      Counter operating hours are:

      Monday - Thursday - 8.30 a.m -1.00pm
      2.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m
      Friday - 8.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon
      2.45 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.

      • Development Proposal for the Build First, Sell Later concept, High Impact projects, Foreign Investment and Government Projects, the approval period is 4 months.

      ROLES of One Stop Centre

      • To coordinate, control and monitor the simultaneous and non-simultaneous application process that involves applications under provisions of sections 124A & 204D, Planning Permission, Earthworks Plan, Street and Drainage Plan, landscape Plan, Garden and Street Name Plan and other plans related to development.
      • To inform the meetings decisions to the applicants
      • To inform the meetings decisions to the applicants
      • To prepare application status report to KPKT and Local Government Decisions, Negeri Perak SUK.


      WHO are the One Stop Centre Committee Members?

      Gerik District Council (MDG) One Stop Centre Committee Members comprise of:

      Chairman : MDG President

      Vice Chairman : MDG Secretary

      Secretary : OSC Head of Unit

      Members: Director, Perak Town and Village Planning Department

      Land Administrator, Hulu Perak District

      Director, Perak Environmental Department

      Director, Perak Fire and Rescue Department

      Director, Perak Mineral and Geosciences

      District Engineer, Hulu Perak Public Works Department

      District Engineer, Hulu Perak Irrigation and Drainage Department

      General Manager, Perak Water Board

      Manager, Indah Water Konsortium

      General Manager, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

      General Manager, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission

      4 Council Members

      MDG Planning, Building and Landscape Department

      MDG Engineering and Maintenance Department

      MDG Health and Environmental Department

      Need More Information?

      One Stop Centre (OSC) Secretariat

      Majlis Daerah Gerik

      Jalan Haji Meor Yahaya

      33300 Gerik Perak

      Phone: 05-7912305

      Fax: 05-7912288

      Email :


      Carta Aliran Proses Kerja


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    2. Implementation of the Procedure for Issuing Certificate of Completion and Compliance by the Professionals





      Principal Submitting person (PSP)
      • The eligible person who submit the building plan for PBT approval. It includes other eligible person that takes over the duties and responsibilities as PSP.

      Submitting Person – SP
      • The eligible person or any other eligible person that takes over the duties and responsibilities who submits the plan other than the building plan to PBT or other related statutory bodies.

      Eligible Person
      • Professional Architect, Professional Engineer or registered draughtsman.

      Stages Certification
      • A process introduced in the CCC system where the completion and compliance of each construction component must be certified by the professionals and contractor or trade contractor responsible for the related component. The certification process is carried out in stages of construction.

      Building Plan
      • Plans including the site plan, source plan, sectional plan and building site.

      Layout Plan
      • Development Proposal Plan in Scale, including the layout plan and general building development, local plan as the development reference basis and building or area internal layout so that the proposal in the plan is the same as the site proposal.


      • Under the CCC issuance system, 21 building components have been identified in the stages certification process. 21 Stages Certification Forms (forms G1 to G21) introduced.

      Forms Type



      Earth Works


      Sign Erection


      Site Base




      Internal Plumbing


      Internal Sanitation Pipes


      Internal Electrical


      Fire Prevention (Passive)

      G 9

      Fire Prevention (Active)

      G 10

      Mechanical Ventilation

      G 11

      Lift / Escalator Installation

      G 12


      G 13

      External Plumbing System

      G 14

      Sewerage Reticulation

      G 15

      Sewerage Treatment Plan

      G 16

      External Electric Supply System

      G 17

      Street and Drainage

      G 18

      Street Light

      G 19

      Main External Drainage

      G 20


      G 21

      Land view


      PSP can only issue CCC by using Form F when the following conditions have been fulfilled:

      1. All technical conditions set by PBT are complied with;
      2. Forms G1 to G21 relating to the stage certification as stated in Table Two have been certified and accepted;
      3. All services included the access rate, land view, car parks, drainage, sanitary equipments installation, water and electricity, fire hydrant, sewerage and rubbish disposal requirements have been fulfilled, and lift, if required; and
      4. PSP certifies in Form F that he has monitored the construction and completion of the said building has been built and completed according to the act, by-laws and approved plan.

      PSP is also required to submit 1 copy of the certification and Stage Completion Certification Forms to the PBT, Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) or Board of Engineers Malaysia (LJM) within 14 days after the issue of the CCC or completion and stages compliance certification.

  • Town Poverty Eradication Program Guide

    1. Town Poverty Eradication Programme

      • This programme is carried out at 144 Local Authorities throughout the country under the Ninth Malaysian Plan (RMK9) for the period 2006-2010.


    2. Target Groups

    • The target groups are poor families who have household income of less then the Town Poverty Line Income that has been set according to areas as per Appendix B
    • Only for the poor families who are of Malaysian nationality.


    3. PPKB Assistance Application Form 

    • Part A must be completed and other parts are to be completed according to the type of assistance applied for.
    • Completed forms must be submitted to Gerik District Council.