The logo was designed based on a concept of ‘vision’ or looking at the long term.

The three building units are arranged in such a way that symbolises development characteristics. All these shapes are directed upwards to imply the race towards progress. The figure in the middle of the logo symbolises the role of the administrator in the Gerik District Council as the Local Authority.

The logo is designed under a pair of elephant tusks that is the identity of Gerik and the Hulu Perak District. It symbolises the administration that is always under organized planning.

Gerik District Council’s motto is ‘Menuju Era Gemilang’ i.e. Moving Forward to a Glorious Era, that means all efforts are focused on achieving the aim of bringing rapid progress and development in the future after the end of the communist threat at the end of the 1980’s decade. It is hoped that with the cooperation from all parties, the community will be able to enjoy the peace and prosperity in a better environment. The colour blue symbolises racial unity and peaceful life, while yellow symbolises the light that shines on Gerik, and white symbolises purity and sincerity in providing the services and the clean environment.