1. Collecting and disposing of solid waste:

          a)     Gerik town’s public places and centralised garbage bins (Daily)(setiap hari)

          b)      Housing areas (3 times a week)

2. Cleaning the drains.

         a)     Night market / Wholesale Market              - Daily

         b)      Other places                                            - Twice a day

3. Cutting the grass       – Once a month

4.  Presenting the planning permission plan summary, building plan, earthwork plan and street and drainage plan to One Stop Centre (OSC) within 25 days..

5.  Processing extension plan application approval and the renovation plan for residential houses and shop houses within 15 days.

6.  Processing business license plan within 30 days for risk based business and immediate approval for not at risk business.

7. Making payment within 7 days in the Gerik area and 14 days outside Gerik area.

8. Issuing the bi-annual assessment tax bill for the first half before 15 January and for the second half before 15 July every year.

9.  Handling and responding to questions and complaints within 3 working days.