Gerik is a memorable name and used to be notoriously known as a black area in the past. However, changes in the past few decades promised a new well-organised plan to be enjoyed by Gerik community in the future.

GERIK DISTRICT COUNCIL is a Local Council and the agent to administer the district development by providing various services to the community by:

a. Improving and upgrading the infrastructure and services.

b. Directing Gerik District Council towards excellence by applying the excellent work culture.

c. Promoting community and public sector participation in the national development programme.

d. Managing the economic resources efficiently and ensuring that the development direction is in line with the national policy.

e. Utilise the environment natural beauty in line with the tourism development direction and trend.


Early History

L.A.B. Gerik (Township Board)

Gerik Township Board was set up in 1928, and the area was gazetted on 17 February 1928. Gerik Township Board was under the administration of District Officer, who was also the Chairman of Gerik Township Council, and an Assistant District officer who was the Vice Chairman. Under the State Government order on 1 July 1975, Gerik Township Council was renamed as Gerik Local Administrative Board. On 1 January 1978, the State Government gave the financial autonomous power to L.A.B. Gerik with the objective of encouraging this Board to make revenue collections.

The Gerik L.A.B. that was previously known as Town Board was last gazetted and with effect from 1 January 1995 under the Government Gazette No 1653. The gazetted area was approximately 372 acres, and it encompassed businesses buildings and office buildings as well as government quarters and UPRA (1) and UPRA (2) areas.

L.A.B. Batu Dua (Local Council)

Batu 2 Local Council was established on 1 June 1953. The Local Council was created after Kampung Baru (New Village) at Batu Dua was set up. Kampung Baru was a new settlement for residents who used to live in the rural areas during the insurgency. At the beginning, the Local Council was chaired by the leader chosen by the villagers. On 1 July 1975, the State Government appointed Gerik’s Second District Officer to be the chairman. On the same date, Batu Dua Local Council was renamed as L.A.B. Batu Dua. The change in the chairman was done to smoothen the administration and to have an efficient revenue collection so as to reduce the occurrence of revenue arrears.

The L.A.B.Batu Dua or better known as Local Council was gazetted on 26 April 1962 with the official number of 308. The gazetted area was 30 acres, which encompassed the Batu Dua New Village which comprised of residential houses and a few shop lots.

L.A.B. Kuala Rui (Local Council)

L.A.B Kuala Rui was previously known as Kuala Rui Local Council. Its history is similar to Batu Dua Local Authority, where it was a resettlement area during the insurgency period. The Local Council was established on 1 Jun 1953. The chairman was chosen by the villagers, but on 1 July 1975, the State Government appointed Gerik’s Second District Officer to be the chairman. The name was changed to the Local Administrative Board Kuala Rui. The purpose of the change was similar to the L.A.B. Kuala Rui.

The L.A.B. Kuala Rui was also better known as Local Council was also gazetted on the same date as L.A.B. Batu Dua that was on 26 April 1962 with the official number of 306, and covered an area of 26 acres. This area also comprised of the Kuala Rui New Village residential area, with only a few shop lots.

On 1 December 1979, the three L.A.B’s. were joint under one Local Authority Administration called GERIK DISRICT COUNCIL. However, the operation area was only 2.64 sq km and 1.51 sq km was the town area.