Welcome to all visitors of the Gerik District Council (MDG) Web Portal. The Web Portal is provided to display in detail the latest information regarding the structure, operations and services of MDG for the benefit of the visitors. This is another initiative to provide user-friendly services.

The existence of this web portal uses the concept of collaboration between government departments and the private sectors in order for it to be more up-to-date, lively and to become an attraction for visitors.

This Web Portal is inclined towards the community-friendly concept whereby the information provided is beneficial for all levels of the community, be it to the investors, government servants, students, the public or even the full-time housewives.

With the facilities provided by this web portal, visitors may utilise the services provided here without having to go to the office to download forms, to make online payments, e-Complaint, online checking and others. This saves time and minimises the bureaucratic red tape during transactions. I also hope that this web portal will be able to provide useful information to the local community and will be the source for other information regarding the areas under the administration of Gerik District Council specifically and the state of Perak generally.

Visitors may also lodge complaints using the services of this web portal. Any complaints made directly will be channelled to the Council immediately. We welcome any proposal and comment from the public and internet browsers in order to further enhance the quality and information in this web portal.

Lastly, I would like to thank all visitors of the Council Web Portal and invite all of you to Gerik to acquire our friendly service. Have a good time browsing the Web Portal of Gerik District Council. Thank you.

Yang Dipertua
Gerik District Council