Help list as reference in surfing Gerik District Council website:

  • General



    The search function that is located at the top right corner enables user to find required information. At this point, Search function focuses on the information provided in News & Events, Articles (in Sources), Services (accessible at the top right corner on every page)



    • Calendar shows any events occurring on specific dates

    • It also represents submenu Events in the News & Events menu.

    • User can know of any event/programme on a specific date on the shaded dates.

    • Click on a specific date to know the activity/programme on that day

    • To know more about all activities for the specific month, click on the More Events This Month located at the bottom of the calendar.

    Main Menu

    Main menu for GDC portal:



    Menu Gerik Info provides useful information about Gerik to the portal users. Information includes area information, places of interest, public transportation and directory facility.



    Portal users can also obtain information about services available in Gerik via Services menu. e-Services are also provided by the Council for users to check on assessment tax, compounds and license applications.

    Sources menu is an access where users can refer to information relating to circulars, tables, compounds, and legal aspects under the Council’s administration. Users can also discuss and share their opinions in the Forum provided.

    News & Events menu contains the latest information and announcements, both current and future, about what’s happening Gerik. Photo Gallery is a submenu which contains interesting photos collection.

    All important information relating to Gerik District Council and its administrative is under GDC Info

    Photo Gallery

    • Contained photos that are classified according to Category and Album.
    • For example, in the Places of Interest category in the Album
    • User can click on the photo and get its full description.
    • Photos can also be downloaded..


    galeri foto

  • MDG Website User Manual

    ..Please click on the icon above for more detail..

  • Webmail User Manual (for MDG staff only)

    ..Please click on the icon above for more detail..

  • Online MDG User Manual

    ..Please click on the icon above for more detail..

  • Feedback form manual

    How to use the feedback form

    The feedback form is provided to give the clients and website visitors the opportunity to give comments and suggestions on things related to Gerik District Council including this website. To use this form, the user must fill in all the information required on the feedback form and all information must be accurate and true so that appropriate action can be taken. The required information is as follows:

    • User must fill in his/her name in the space provided as below:


    • User to choose the feedback type: either suggestion, feedback or opinion, as in the diagram below:


    • User to put in comment or suggestion in the space provided as in the diagram below:


    • User to include the email address in the email space provided so that the council can contact the user:


    • The user is then to do text verification in the text verification space provided as in the diagram below:


    • Click the send button after all information has been provided.


    • If the user did not complete all the information required, an ‘error message’ will be displayed, as below.

    • Please ensure that all information is provided before clicking the ‘send’ button..
  • MDG Complaint



    Complaint Channel



    Customer Service Counter

    The public can also submit their complaints direct to the Customer Service Officer at the Administrative Service Department, Gerik District Council.




    The public can also submit their complaints by SMS, by texting the complaint and send to 019-5151500.



    The public can also submit their complaint by sending an email to or .


    Feedback Form

    User can fill in the feedback form available from to give their opinions and also to make complaint


    E-Complaint System

    The public can also submit heir complaint through the E-Complaint system available at the MDG main page.



    The public can submit their complaint at the MDG Forum at the link




    The public can also write in the complaint and send to:

    Aduan MDG,

    Gerik District Council,

    Jalan Haji Meor Yahya,

    33300 Gerik.

    (attn : Customer Service Officer)

    Or fax the letter to 05-7912288



    The public can call 05-7912305, 05-7911686.


    Area Officer

    The public can also make their complaint to the Area Officer who is responsible for the area. Please surf .

  • How To Use RSS Feeds


    RSS is a sophisticated technology in the dissemination of information direct to the users or readers. RSS or RDF Site Summary is an XML application (Extensible Markup Language) according to the W3Schools specification stage. It is a news syndication format and used as an agent to obtain online news or data from the website that supports this application. This XML format allows the content sharing in a website such as news and latest posting quicker and easier.


    • The RSS in the Gerik District Council webpage provides the latest news and announcements delivery facility that can be subscribed by the users
    • All the latest updated news and announcements will be sent direct to your desktop.
    • The Gerik District Council RSS will save the user’s time in obtaining the latest information from the Gerik District Council website quickly and accurately.


    Steps in using MDG RSS


    RSS Reader

    1. You can also use RSS Reader software to use the MDG RSS application.
    2. Download RSS Reader and install it in your computer.
    3. Follow these steps to use the application:

      A page will be displayed as in the diagram below:


      • After the RSS Reader has been installed, one of the various pages will be displayed, as in the diagram below.
      • To add new RSS Feed:
        To add new MDG RSS, please click button +, as in the diagram below.
      • Type URL address /web/guest/home/-/journal/rss/10124/68023 and click NEXT button as in the diagram below.
      • The application will link to the MDG website and will display the Gerik District Council name as below, and click the NEXT button.
      • The Gerik District Council latest news will be displayed, and choose the news you want to read.
  • QR Code Guide

    You may visit the mobile version of the Gerik District Council Portal via a smartphone just by going through the MDG QR Code.

    You only need to;

    • Download and install the QR Reader application which is compatible with your (Smartphone).
    • Then scan the MDG QR Code below using the camera from your smartphone.

    • You will be directed to the mobile version of the MDG Portal.

Basic Forum Guidelines: :

Mobile Web :

Social Networking ::

  • Social Network Info


    GERIK DISTRICT COUNCIL SOCIAL NETWORK (‘Facebook’,’Flickr’,’Scribd’)

    In general, the social networking service is a service that focuses on the building up and certification of the online social network for a community that shares their interests and activities, or for those who are interested in other peoples’ interests and activities. Most of the social networking services are web-based and offers various interactions methods between users, like online chatting, messages exchange, e-mails, video, voicemails, file sharing, blog, discussion groups and others. Social networking system such as ‘Facebook’,’Flickr’,’Scribd’, is also a useful technology and assists the current generation who want to obtain information simply and quickly. The main function of the social networking website is to act as a communication intermediary with family members, friends and organizations. Because of that, we are using the existing technology to disseminate the information accurately and concisely. The aims of Gerik District Council’s social network are as follows:


    The aim of Facebook application creation is to provide information regarding the activities and programmes conducted by us. This information is channelled into the Facebook application so that it could be shared with the public, and they could give their opinions on the activities organized.


    Flickr application is developed for sharing of documents or publication issued by us for free. The users can download the documents from this application fast and easy. Gerik District Council publications which are included in this application are “MDG Website User Manual”, “Assessment Tax” and brochures.


    The objective of Sribd application is for photos or videos sharing. Therefore, we developed this application to share photos and videos of interesting places in Gerik. This application also gives more information and promotions of those interesting places. They can become the tourism destinations and users can refer to this application as a guide. There also videos and map of Gerik town.

  • Rules of Conduct When Using Social Networking Sites

Feedback Management System


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