Business Premise General Condition Gerik District Council

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that in pursuant to section 107 (1) & (2), Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171), you are required to comply with the following conditions under the relevant sections:-

  1. Each license holder must care and maintain his licensed place or premise so as to be clean at all times
  2. Always ensure that there is no rubbish, waste or excess items thrown, put or left at the footpath or beside or outside the building
  3. Must ensure that the drains in front, at the back or beside the building is clear from rubbish
  4. Rubbish must be collected in a garbage plastic bag and put into a covered rubbish bin
  5. Premise must always be neat and tidy, and cleaning and arranging the items and equipment in the premises once a fortnight is recommended
  6. Must provide a fire control equipment approved by the Fire Department
  7. Must provide a first aid kit with adequate medicines and first aid items
  8. Must ensure that all employees are trained and taught using the machinery and other equipment that can cause accident or electric shock
  9. All equipment, machines, chemical supplies or power sources are protected and labelled with the signs “DANGER”, “DON’T TOUCH” and others
  10. General conditions:-
  • Providing two copies of photos and the list of employees
  • License plate must be displayed
  • YDP or other officers who have been given the power can enter the premise for the purpose of inspection at any time
  • Must comply with any written directives issued by the YDP, MDG Secretary from time to time

11.Not allowed to carry out or letting any activities that are against any acts or laws which are enforced in this country

If all the above conditions are not complied with within 30 days, the license approval will be withdrawn and court action will be taken against you under section 109 of this Act. If convicted with the above offences, you can be compounded RM250.00 for each non-compliance of the above conditions.